Of Ourselves…

At The Village Church we encourage our members to contribute to the life of the church, serving in areas for which they are gifted. Our minister and Church Leaders welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your gifts and help you discern where you might best be able to serve the church.

Christian faith is a life commitment and The Village Church encourages you to live out your faith through your place of employment, education or retirement activities. Commitment to the community through volunteer service is a vital aspect of who we are as Christian people.

The Village Church provides opportunities for people to serve through our weekly rosters and community programs, both at the church and beyond in the wider community.

Of our Resources…

We encourage our members to be stewards in their lives, considering their use of the world’s resources, and in the Spirit of Christ giving of themselves, which includes an offering to sustain the church’s ministry.

The ministry of The Village Church is totally funded through the regular giving of our church members. The Village Church also makes a contribution to the ministry of the wider Uniting Church and its community services.

In living out our Christian faith we discern an appropriate gift we can regularly offer to the church, traditionally called a tithe. So that the church can reliably plan The Village Church encourages its members to make a regular offering in one of the following ways:

Direct Offering

Forms and simple instructions can be obtained from Marilyn Mason 0417 321 457.

All completed forms to be placed in a sealed envelope marked “confidential – Giving Coordinator” and returned to Marilyn Mason or the Church office

Weekly Envelopes

For a an annual set of envelopes please contact our

Giving Coordinator Marilyn Mason 0417 321 457

The Direct Offering (preferred) and Weekly Envelopes provide the regular offering that allows the church to budget and plan accurately.

Open Plate

The Village Church appreciates any offering to the ministry of the church.

Donation – if you’d like to make a donation to the Village Church, you can make an on line transfer to the

Bendigo Bank,

The Village Church Mt.Eliza, Sandhurst Account,

BSB 633000,

Account No. 143 632 834


In Perpetuity…

Perhaps the most significant offering someone can make is a gift to the church left through their will. Through a bequest you can leave an ongoing legacy to the ministry of The Village Church through its Endowment Fund.

An Endowment Fund has been set up at The Village Church to invest donated capital sums, with only the income earned to be spent for purposes approved each year by the Church Council. The capital would not be drawn upon, so that over time it is expected it will grow and provide a growing source of income to the Church.

A copy of the full guidelines governing the operation of the Endowment Fund are available upon request.

Please speak with your legal practitioner for further advice on leaving a bequest to The Village Church.